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Athenaeum Comic Art Zine Issue One: Call for Articles/Interviews


Theme: Origin Stories


The Call: Athenaeum Comic Art is assembling its very first zine on original art and we need your help! In our first issue, we are collecting a series of origin stories from collectors and artists. We encourage folks to be creative with the theme and to make it their own. You could write about what got you into the hobby, your first piece of art and why it means so much to you, your relationship with a specific artist’s work, a brief history of original art collecting, a story about getting a dream piece of art, how got you into reading/making comics, your thoughts on where the hobby started compared to where it is today, a creative short story or poem or comic about comic book/art collecting, etc, etc. We are also looking for folks that would like to submit art for the publication. 


About the Project: This zine is just for fun!  The plan is to produce a VERY limited run and to make it available for free only in physical form. Athenaeum would mail out copies to interested folks and take some to small press cons. Authors/artists retain all rights to their own pieces. We might encourage folks to submit ads (for a very small fee) to help pay for printing on a super nice artist’s Riso machine.


Submissions: Articles should be 500 words or less. The editor may cut down your piece due to size restrictions, but they will run it past you before it goes to publication. If there is a miracle and somehow we get more pieces than we have space, we may move yours back to a later issue.

For comics - comics should be a page or less. We will be printing the zines on 8.5x11 paper and the cartoonist has the freedom to use that space however they see fit. Be creative and we will try to fit you in! If you need more details, feel free to contact us. 

We may not be able to take all submissions - we will let you know if your is selected or not. If all goes well - we will potentially come back and use your art in a latter issue! 


You can upload your documents at the following link.  Submissions are due July 1st. If you have any questions - just e-mail us at!   


Thank you so much for participating!

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