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Athenaeum Comic Art

We currently represent: Jon Allen, Ryan Andrews, Remy Boydell, Caroline Cash, Shawn DaleyA.C. EsguerraMaria Capelle Frantz, Nate Garcia, Charles Glaubitz, Nicole Goux, Alex Graham, M.S. HarknessJonathan HillEmma Hunsinger, Kahlil Kasir, Casey Nowak, Rosemary Valero-O'ConnellJosh Pettinger, Nate Powell, J Webster Sharp, Mika Song, Conor Stechschulte, Leslie Stein, Karl Stevens, Noah Van SciverTillie Walden, Sophie Yanow.


If you are a published indie artist and interested in joining the team, please contact We can't take everyone, but we will always answer your e-mail.

Athenaeum Comic Art was started in 2021 by Sean Watkins, a lifetime comic book lover and original art collector. In his years of collecting, he noticed that many indie artists were not getting the attention that they deserved by the mainstream original art collecting world. It seemed that there was a need to help very busy artists sell their work to supplement their income and to help them better connect with their fans. Sean first connected with one of his longtime favorite artists, Casey Nowak and started to sell their art. Quickly, other artists joined the team and Athenaeum Comic Art was born! 


Athenaeum Comic Art wants to help grow the market for original art by bringing new fans into the hobby. We hope to offer art at a variety of price points so that all folks can have access to pages from the creators that they love. 

We are also dedicated to diversity, inclusion, equity, antiracism, and LGBTQ rights. We are always looking to partner with folks to use original art for good.


Join our original art community Discord! All are welcome. 

Check out our recent interview with Jonathan Hill on our Youtube channel:



Colin over at Loading the Canon interviewed me about Athenaeum being in business for two years:

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